IUCr Congress 2020

2020 IUCr Congress: Sessions Relevant to Magnetic Structure

The 2020 IUCr Congress (Aug 14-22, 2021) in Prague, Czech Republic, will include many sessions focused on or relevant to the structures and properties of magnetic materials.  Those organized or co-sponsored by the CMS are marked with an asterisk in the list below.

Methods and software developments for magnetic-structure analysis*
(MS-22, Mon 16 AM)
Chairs: Andrew Wills, J. Manuel Perez-Mato
Invited speakers: Václav Petříček, Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal

Magnetic structures of novel and functional materials*
(MS-30, Mon 16 PM)
Chairs: Virginie Simonet, Václav Petříček
Invited speakers: Wei Tian, Jonathan White

Topological magnetic order and quasiparticles*
(MS-87, Fri 20 PM)
Chairs: Avadh Behari Saxena, Katherine Pappas
Invited speakers: Christian Pfleiderer, Maxim Mostovoy

Magnetic structures at extreme conditions and in extreme samples*
(MS-61, Thu 19 AM)
Chairs: Angel Arevalo-Lopez, Andrzej Katrusiak
Invited speakers: Elena Solana-Madruga, Dawid Pinkowicz

Symmetry aspects of magnetic order and magnetic properties*
(MS-68, Thu 19 PM)
Chairs: Margarida Henriques, Mois I. Aroyo
Invited speakers: Laura Chaix

Frustrated magnetic order and emerging science*
(MS-45, Wed 18 AM)
Chairs: Romain Sibille, Geetha Balakrishnan
Invited speakers: Ketty Beauvois, Nicolas Gauthier

Molecular magnets and metal-organic frameworks including quantum crystallography approaches*
(MS-51, Wed 18 PM)
Chairs: Veronica Paredes, Jozef Kozisek
Invited speakers: Guillermo Minguez Espallargas, Ivan Nemec

Structural, electronic and magnetic ordering: from fundamental physics to functionality*
(MS-38, Tue 17 AM)
Chairs: Ovidiu Garlea, Javier Sanchez Benites
Invited speakers: Steve Nagler

Phase transitions in complex materials: structure and magnetism*
(MS-101, Sat 21 PM)
Chairs: Yuichi Shimakawa, Alexandra Gibbs
Invited speakers: Patrick Woodward, Midori Amano Patino

New applications of coherent scattering
(MS-40, Tue 17 AM)
Chairs: Ian Robinson, Christian Gutt
Invited speakers: Johanned Ihli, Foivos Perakis

Total scattering
(MS-37, Tue 17 AM)
Chairs: Pierre Bordet, Emil Bozin
Invited speakers: Stephan Rosenkranz, Bo Iversen

(MS-14, 15 Sun PM)
Chairs: Chris Ling, Philip Lightfoot
Invited speakers: James Rondinelli, Joke Hadermann

The science of symmetry breaking*
(KN-35, Sat 21 AM)
Keynote speaker: Stokes Harold

Quantum crystallography and spintronic materials
(KN-15, Tue 17 AM)
Keynote speaker: Macchi Piero

Dithiadiazolyl radicals as building blocks for molecular magnetic materials
(KN-12, Mon 16 PM)
Keynote speaker: Delia Haynes

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