IUCr Congress 2023

2023 IUCr Congress: Sessions Relevant to Magnetic Structure

The 2023 IUCr Congress in Melbourne (Aug 22-29, 2023) will be an exciting event for all researchers involved in the determination and application of high-quality magnetic-structures.  Abstracts are due by 21 February 2023.  We encourage you to make participation in this triennial meeting a high priority! The congress program will include many sessions focused on or relevant to the structures and properties of magnetic materials, as listed below, where those sponsored/co-sponsored by the IUCr Commission on Magnetic Structures (CMS) are marked with an asterisk. The 1:10-3:35 PM session is indicated by E (early) and the 4:05-6:30 session is indicated as L (late). Visit https://iucr2023.org for more information.

Diffuse scattering analysis of  short range crystal and magnetic order (#55, Aug 23, E)*
Chairs: Alannah Hallas, Joe Paddison
Invited speakers: Benjamin Frandsen, Pascal Manuel

Teaching crystallographic symmetry for Materials Science (#27, Aug 23, L)*
Chairs: John Claridge, Inbal Tuvi-Arad
Invited speakers: Joke Hadermann

Geometrically-frustrated magnetism (#62, Aug 23, L)*
Chairs: Oksana Zaharko, Ben Frandsen
Invited speakers: Joe Paddison, Kirrily Rule

Topological textures in frustrated magnetic materials (KN #9, Aug 24, 9:00-9:50 AM)*
Chairs: Max Avdeev
Keynote address: Oksana Zaharko (PSI, Switzerland)

Quantum Materials (#42, Aug 24, E)
Chairs: Rosalba Fittipaldi, Dharmalingam Prabhakaran
Invited speakers: TBA

Magnetic order in aperiodic systems (#56, Aug 24, L)*
Chairs: Margarida Henriques, Ryuji Tamura
Invited speakers: Farid Labib, Taku Sato

Magnetic symmetry and its applications (#53, Aug 25, E)*
Chairs: Françoise Damay, Ovidiu Garlea
Invited speakers: Branton Campbell, Atsuchi Togo

In memoriam of Igor Dzyaloshinskii and Sergey V. Maleyev: Antisymmetric Exchange, Magnetic Chirality, from Helimagnets to Topological Spin Textures (#60, Aug 25, L)*
Chairs: Manuel Perez-Mato
Invited speakers: Jun-ichiro Kishine, Vladimir Pomjakushin

Using high-pressure diffraction to design and understand functionality (#45, Aug 26, E)
Chairs: Andrew Cairns, Bianca Haberl
Invited speakers: David Ashworth, Zhidan Zeng

Methods for the determination and analysis of magnetic structures (#74, Aug 26, L)*
Chairs: Arsen Goukassov, William Ratcliff
Invited speakers: Rebecca Dally, Roger Johnson

Functionality from broken inversion symmetry (#48, Aug 27, E)
Chairs: Emma McCabe, Anthony Phillips
Invited speakers: Kenta Kimura

Crystal and magnetic structures of novel perovskites (#57, Aug 27, E)*
Chairs: A. Sundaresan, Fabio Denis Romero
Invited speakers: Paul Attfield, Patrick Woodward

Quantum crystallography challenges and opportunities for magnetic materials (#83, Aug 27, L)
Chairs: Nicolas Claiser, Yoshiharu Sakurai
Invited speakers: Dominique Luneau, Hiroshi Sakurai

Polarized neutrons – future directions (#71, Aug 27, L)
Chairs: Grace Causer, Andrew Wildes
Invited speakers: Ken Anderson, Françoise Damay

New phenomena and applications in molecular magnets (#58, Aug 28, E)*
Chairs: Richard Mole, Annie Powell
Invited speakers: Yuko Hosokoshi, Hannah Hedegaard Nielsen

Magnetism in topological materials (#61, Aug 28, L)*
Chairs: Luis Elcoro, Anna Sokolova
Invited speakers: Catherine Pappas, Zhida Song

Methods for the determination/analysis of magnetic structures for powders and single crystals (#54, Aug 29, E)*
Chairs: Clarina Dela Cruz, Dmitry Khalyavin
Invited speakers: Rebecca Dally, Roger Johnson

Van der Waals magnetism in powders and single crystals (#59)*
Chairs: Je-Geun Park, Michael Shatruk
Invited speakers: Eugenio Coronado, Andrew Wildes

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